horseshoe crab blood


    ▸ Collected in quality-controlled clean rooms and ready for cGMP production of LAL products or other research purposes

    ▸  Custom volumes of blood available

    ▸  Harvested on-demand and shipped to your laboratory under temperature-controlled conditions (2-8 °C)

    ▸  Collected in 10% anticoagulant solution to ensure consistent quality and cell stability

    ▸  Year-round availability

    ▸  We export to most countries


    Bundling Details: 100 percent Discreet at the purchaser’s demand
    Conveyance Time: 3 – 5 days
    Bundling: Blood sold in liters (liters) and gallons.
    Cost is per Liter: 4 Liters make 1 gallon

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