Schismaderma Carens Toad Venom


BUFO ALVARIUS TOAD VENOM FOR SALE | BUY BUFO BUFO VENOM ONLINE (BUFO ALVARIUS) TOAD VENOM. Toad venom smokers milk’ live Bufo alvarius toads of their venom by stroking the areas around their parotoid glands which causes the toad to excrete its venom. This venom is caught on a piece of glass or mirror and left to dry into a crystal-type form that can be smoked.

Packaging Details: 100% Discreet at the buyer’s request
Delivery Time: 3 – 5 days
Packaging: venom is sold in vacuum-sealed glass vials of 100 mg, 500 mg, and 1 gram.
Price is per Gram
The minimum Order Quantity is 1 Gram
N.B. Certificate of origin available on request at $50.00 per certificate.

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